Saturday, December 22, 2012


Loneliness by all accounts should be epidemic. Just yesterday, I visited a local 
park. While the boys  played cricket, quite a famous sport here, I sat on a bench 
near by.

It struck me, I passed at least 20 adults, some with children, some with dogs on
leashes. The dogs appeared to be excited, tails wagging, stopping to take a sniff at 
anyone who acknowledged them. Little girls on their new pink bicycles, baskets 
adorning the handlebars, fringe dangling from the handlebars, and matching helmets. 
All very happy to enjoy the moment they were in.

Parks should be a happy place to visit. 
What seemed out of sorts were the adults, as
if they were forced to take time out to relax and slow down. Hadn't any of them seen 
that quote about taking life so seriously? What happened to human interaction? Are we
all so very Important that we must snub the common folk. No one smiles, no one can
say hi, and if you try to say hi to them, they turn their heads, generally from what I saw today, it's toward the sun, so you can see the hairs growing in their nostrils. Maybe some owners could learn a lesson or two from their furry companions.

What I saw were some very sad souls today. Don't they realize that no matter what 
you do in this life, you can't take it with you, and guess what, someone will be behind 
you to fill in the gap. If you don't extend your hand out to others, there won't be anyone to miss you when you are gone.


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